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SMP is used to camouflage baldness and (hair transplantation) scars. This technique is used to simulate hair stubble, and has the appearance of new hair growth. SMP looks so natural, that it looks like it’s real.

The treatment is for both men and women, and suitable for all skin and hair types. An intake interview will take place before the start of the treatment which takes an average of 3 to 6 sessions. During the intake, everything that is considered relevant for the treatment is discussed elaborately. A test will also be taken to establish how the skin reacts and recovers. Which technique and pigment best suits you are determined by the test results.

SMP uses special needles and special Scalp Ink. The pigmentation is permanent and does not fade as permanent make-up does. It is also not the same as a tattoo. Different pigmentation techniques, needles, and ink are used in comparison to tattoo equipment.

SMP remains permanently beautiful, provided it is taken care of properly. This can be achieved by applying a moisturizing cream to your skin on a daily basis to maintain your skin’s moisture balance, by using a high factor sunscreen if exposed to sunlight, and by avoiding solarium exposure as much as possible. If the SMP does still fade, for one reason or another, it can always be touched up.

SMP is generally not experienced as painful. There is a recovery period of 2 to 4 weeks on average between treatments.

SMP costs:
€  300.- per hour.
The intake interview including pre-treatment test costs:
€  100.-
Depending on the indication, the costs for the entire treatment amount to, on average,
€  800.- to  €  4500.-

Several indications are:
•  Male pattern baldness (Norwood-Hamilton Scale)
•  Female pattern baldness (Ludwig Scale)
•  Alopecia
•  Hair transplantation scars
•  Other scars
•  Hairline correction
•  Additional treatments after the hair transplant
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